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Why EOS Athens



Our everlasting goal as an EOS Mainnet Block Producer candidate is to create and maintain relations built on trust, through transparency and commonly beneficial behavior on all organizational levels.



Our experienced and highly educated team is utilizing the EOS.IO software by applying advanced business oriented Information Systems design in a systematic and scientifically rigorous manner.


We are engineering a highly configurable and adaptable business and community-driven IS artifact that can foster a highly competitive market and a self-sustainable global digital economy.


All of our stakeholders such as crowdsale participants, clients or the community surrounding our efforts, are equally treated and shared with the same transparent information flow upon which decisions are made.


We are focusing on business education in order to communicate the advantages, the application potential and the impact of the blockchain technology on various industries or sectors.


Voting with geographical criteria is crucial for the decentralization and hence the independence of the network. We are currently in the process of creating a stable legal framework for our operations in coordination with the greek authorities.


Voting for Greece

A vote to EOS Athens is a step towards the future that Greece deserves. Our goal is to create a new economic reality by making a much needed technological leap. Let us transform Greece to the Blockchain and Crypto Capital of tomorrow.

Block Production

Block Production is the equivalent of mining for the governed EOS blockchain network, where the Block Producers are voted by the EOS token holders. EOS Athens is proudly the first greek Block Producer candidate of the EOS Mainnet. We are currently providing exclusively dedicated infrastructure for our producer node.

Project Development

Our experienced team has conceptualised a blockchain-based Information Systems artifact utilizing the EOS.IO Software. Technology, business, community engagement and opengov meet under the roof of our holistic solution.

Business Engagement

There is a plethora of business applications of our solution. Read more in our White Paper and see how it would suit your own needs. Not fitting into the proposed context? Do not hesitate to reach us giving us more information about your business and its needs.

Why Blockchain and EOS.IO 


Our project is utilizing blockchain technology and the EOS.IO software for achieving transparency in core business processes.



Blockchain transactions are verifiable and trackable adding to the accountability and credibility of the proposed business and its services.


The EOS.IO Software allows the creation of a configurable blockchain construct to support the business logic of our holistic approach.


The EOS.IO Software provides with a highly scalable solution that can be adjusted according to the needs of the underlying business.

Low Cost

The architecture of the EOS.IO Software does not induce transaction fees, increasing the utility and ease of use of the blockchain.


Digital assets issued on the blockchain are safely and transparently held and can be accessed using your very own and cryptographically secured wallet.


Operating on a governed blockchain allows for a tailored constitutional approach that fits the legal requirements of our solution.

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If you like our work and you want to support our efforts, don't forget to vote for us or donate EOS to our official account eosathenscom

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