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EOS Athens is a greek start-up fintech company and proudly, the first greek Block Producer candidate of the EOS Mainnet. Through our demonstrated and meaningful contribution and insights, we are aiming to become one of the top 21 leading EOS Block Producers. Excited for exploring the uncharted waters of the blockchain and of EOS.IO, we are committed to co-shaping the future of the EOS ecosystem and to opening new horizons in modern finance.

Our team of experienced and highly educated professionals is aiming to apply innovative business design on the blockchain, utilizing the EOS.IO software in a systematic, scientifically rigorous and beneficial for the community manner. We are envisaging an EOS.IO-based blockchain network that is framed under specific business logic supported by the proposed IS artifact that you may find in the corresponding page. Our primary goal is the iterative design and implementation of all those required channels that are fostering the creation of a self-sustainable and highly configurable end-to-end solution, capable of addressing the needs of a plethora of stakeholders covering a wide range of use cases, which is leading as a result, to a transparent funding channel and to a highly competitive global market of products and services. 


Meet our people


Into Fintech


Grigorios Maris

Grigorios Maris

Founder and Visionary Architect

Gregory graduated from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2013 and afterwards moved to Sweden where he got his Master of Science in Information Systems Management from Stockholm University. His deep interest in Information Systems design and his passion for digital economies, combined with his experience as IT Consultant in large european fintech projects, signified the formulation of EOS Athens in September of 2018, to which he dedicates his efforts ever since.


Into Data Science


Dimitrios Georgiou

Dimitrios Georgiou

Data Science Advisor

Dimitris has a Master of Science in Data Science from Athens University of Economics and Business and is a holder of MBA from the University of Piraeus. The experience acquired in Data Mining, Big Data analysis and Machine Learning through his long-lasting service in the Computer Science Department of Greek Armed Forces, combined with his business mindset, makes him a valuable member of our team, providing new insights on data utilization in various contexts of the proposed artifact.       

Into Marketing and Communication


Andriani Tselepou

Andriani Tselepou

Marketing and Communication Advisor

Andriani graduated from the Department of Communication and Mass Media of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has a Master of Science in Social and Public Communication from London School of Economics. Her contributions are not only limited to communication, since her expertise in the wine industry and her solid volunteering background provide meaningful insights on the proposed artifact's functionality.

Into Legal


Labrini Nemea

Labrini Nemea

Legal Advisor

Labrini graduated from the Law Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and is currently focusing on the banking and finance aspects of the greek legal environment. Her knowledge and expertise are valuabe assets for framing the legal requirements of our solution, opening this way new horizons towards the massive adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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