ATHX Crowdsale – Period 1

EOS 0.10

Important Note: The ATHX Crowdsale is currently open only for the markets of the EU and the UK. Do NOT participate NOR attempt to, if you are not citizens of these countries. Know Your Customer verification is applied. Other markets will follow, depending on our ability to comply with the local legislation.

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Period 1

In order to join our crowdsale, an EOS Account is required. If you do not own one, please see here prior to proceeding with your purchase.

The purchased tokens will NOT be sent until all of the KYC prerequisites are fulfilled.

If you don’t meet the Minimum Amount requirements of the ongoing Period, you can always participate by purchasing tokens from a future Period.

The order processing is always prioritized based on the participation period.   

The Hellenic Securities and Markets Commission has been notified regarding our crowdsale, which was filed under protocol No. Ε.Κ. 11647/14.11.2019 and E.K. 1203/4.2.2021.

Participation in Token Crowdsales is NOT an investment and may lead to capital loss. Please act responsibly and do NOT participate if you are not aware of the high risks involved.

Period 2

  • KYC required
  • Min. Amount 3000 EOS
  • Age 18+

Period 3

  • KYC required
  • Min. Amount 2000 EOS
  • Age 18+

Period 4

01/07/23 - 30/09/23
  • KYC required
  • Min. Amount 1000 EOS
  • Age 18+