EOS Athens

Code of Conduct


Effective Date: April 15, 2019

1. Introduction

1.1 The purpose of the current Code of Conduct document issued by EOS Athens Blockchain Technologies (hereinafter also denoted as "EOS Athens", "the Company", "we" or "us"), is to inform the community regarding our vision, ethics and beliefs.

2. Who we are

2.1 EOS Athens is a greek start-up company and the first greek EOS Block Producer working on applying our unique business-oriented fintech solution on the blockchain utilizing the EOS.IO Software. We are proudly based and taxed in Greece, for which we are dreaming brighter a future. A future without the questionable practices of the past generations. A future of transparency and equal opportunity. A future on the blockchain. Read more about our team here.

3. Our Vision

3.1 Our ultimate goal is to pioneer in modern finance and make business opportunities more accessible by impementing an EOS.IO-based Information Systems artifact, via which we are attempting to create a transparent funding channel and a highly competitive market of products and services, that are gradually defined and introduced in the functionality of the proposed artifact by the underlying business. Having Greece -a country desperate for solutions like ours, that can boost economic growth and employability- and subsequently EU as a launching ground, we are envisaging to build an Information Systems oriented decentralized organization, that will operate under commonly agreed business and legal frameworks. Read more about our project here.

4. Transparency

4.1 We need relationships built on solidarity and trust. In order to achieve that, being fully transparent in all the aspects of our organization is required. Hence, we are constantly aiming to be as descriptive, precise and clear as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us to express questions or to request for further clarifications on any topic of your interest. Have we not managed to effectively communicate it to the public, action shall be taken from our side to make public the required additional information. Get in touch with us here.

5. Independence

5.1 EOS Athens is self funded. We are utterly committed to our vision and we would really appreciate your vote to keep us going.

5.2 We are politically independent. As Aristotle suggests however, reasoning makes us all political beings. So we may all have our political preferences, but this is not something that should make us deviate from our vision, to which we shall remain loyal at all times. We embrace diversity in all contexts, since we consider it as an asset that can be used for attaining a comprehensive and spherical understanding of our goals.

6. Communication

6.1 Proper communication is the key for any successful endeavor. We decompose communication into the following categories:

a. Communication with other Block Producers - We are open to constructive dialogue for the betterment of the network. Exchange of opinions, ideas and know-how is always welcome, since collaboratively we can always achieve more.

b. Communication with the EOS token holders - They collectively consist of the heart of the EOS Mainnet and hence they should be treated with respect. Therefore, as already mentioned, we are commited to always being clear regarding any aspect of our organization. If you want to be always up-to-date, subscribe with us here.

c. Communication with Businesses - Business education is a vital part of our activity, since wide adoption of the blockchain and cryprocurrencies can only be achieved in a business context. We have already taken steps to communicate our proposal to business stakeholders from various industries and sectors. If you are a business owner/stakeholder, you are interested and want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us here.

d. Communication with the local Authorities - In order for our solution to be widely adopted in several business contexts and geographical jurisdictions, co-ordination with governmental authorities is of essence. We have already opened the dialogue with several key-departments to pave the way for making Greece the blockchain and crypto capital of tomorrow.

e. Communication with the General Public - Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still unknown terms to a non-negligible number of people. This is something we want to change. Get to know some basic information in our Frequently Asked Questions page here. Also, don't forget to follow us on the social media.

7. EOS Constitution and Governance

7.1 Here at EOS Athens, we fully understand the significance of effective governance. Nonetheless, in order to effectively govern, common understanding and consensus are required under the prism of a common and well-defined goal. The lack of these very qualities is what actually led to the recent debates regarding the applied constitution and the role of ECAF, revealing this way fundamental discrepancies between the envisaged and the actual governance of the network. This is the reason why we believe that governed blockchains such as EOS, should rather be business oriented with clear-cut guidelines, rules and legal framework. However, given the fact that the EOS Mainnet is a public blockchain of general purpose, doing so can be quite challenging. For us, the EOS Mainnet consists of a neutral common umbrella, under which other business-specific sidechains can rise. In any case, EOS Athens is here to strive to facilitate consensus and protect the rights of token holders in a lawful and just manner.

8. Collusion and Vote Buying

8.1 EOS Athens is strictly against practices such as vote buying or colluding with other Block Producers. We want to be voted for our vision, passion and ethics and hence, our goal is to effectively communicate these very values and core mission to the public. Have we not managed to convince you to vote for us, we would be glad hearing from you for some feedback. Knowing what your voting criteria are and how we are failing to meet them is of great importance to us, since only by knowing our weaknesses we can become better. Get in touch with us here.

9. Arbitration Orders

9.1 We shall respect arbitration orders issued by the responsible authority, and take immediate action given a proper and timely communication.

10. RAM and Crypto Trading

10.1 We have not been engaged with trading RAM so far, and we shall continue not to. RAM is for usage, not speculation. EOS Athens is warning the EOS token holders about the high risks associated with RAM trading activites. Given the opportunity, we would also like to stress the equally high risks underlying in any crypto-related activity.

11. Ownership and Block Rewards

11.1 EOS Athens is owned in its entirety by its founder and visionary architect Grigorios Maris (100%).

11.2 Further information regarding the management of the potential block rewards as well as other organizational details can be found in our Ownership Disclosure document.

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