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About the technology

What is a blockchain?

In brief, a blockchain is a distributed ledger that contains a growing list of records called blocks, which are sequentially linked with each other. You may think of this concept as a constantlty increasing book maintained in a decentralized manner; each page is a block that is connected to the next one, whilst the latest correct version of the truth is agreed upon a consensus algorithm.

What are the benefits of using a blockchain?

Some of the most important benefits of this technology include transparency, auditability and data integrity, qualities that make it suitable for a vast number of business use cases. 

What is the EOS.IO Software?

EOS.IO is a Blockchain Operating System-like IT construct, that facilitates the development of decentralized applications. You may read more details about the project at the official EOS.IO page. 

What is an EOS Block Producer?

A Block Producer is an entity who runs a single or multiple EOS.IO nodes and is responsible for the infrastructure, scaling, maintenance and growth of the network. 

What is the EOS Mainnet?

The EOS Mainnet is the first attempt of the EOS community to launch an EOS.IO-based blockchain network. EOS Athens is also one of the EOS Mainnet BP Candidates and the first one in Greece.

How are Block Producers paid?

EOS Tokens are awarded for Block Production to top elected candidates so that they can support their operations and continue with their development plans.

About the voting process

Why should I vote?

Voting matters and it doesn't cost you anything, since no tokens are spent for this process. EOS holders are supporing this way the vision of their favorite Block Producers and co-shape the future of the EOS ecosystem.   

How can I vote for EOS Athens?

In order for you to vote for EOS Athens or for any other of your favorite EOS Block Producers, the following are required:

  1. EOS Tokens
  2. EOS Account
  3. EOS Wallet
Where can I get EOS tokens?

Plan A (easy) - Get some EOS from a trusted friend! He/she will take care of all the required actions and guide you through the process. 

Plan B (roll your sleeves up) - Buy EOS Tokens from a reputable Cryptocurrency exchange. 

Step 1: Buy the desired amount of tokens. Start with this first, since this process may take a while.

Step 2: Create an EOS Wallet, which consists of a set of keys; one private and one public. Save those keys and keep multiple backups. 

Step 3: Create an EOS Account associated with that wallet. Follow the instructions of the tool of your preference.

Step 4: Send the purchased tokens from the exchange to your wallet using your public key.

Step 5: Stake the desired amount of EOS tokens

Step 6: Vote following the instructions of the tool of your preference.  

Do I spend my EOS tokens when voting?

No. The tokens remain at your disposal. 

How many Block Producers can I vote for?

For the time being, you may vote up to 30 Block Producers by assigning them the voting power of your native EOS tokens. Nonetheless, how voting works is subject to change. 

About the project

What is its main purpose?

In respect to project development, our main goal is to iteratively design, implement and evaluate all those IT constructs required, upon which a flexible business model is built. The end goal of this process, is an IS artifact that can foster an investment channel and a competitive tokenized economy of real-life products and services that are supported by the underlying business. Refer to our White Paper to find out more about our approach. 

How is the EOS.IO utilized?

The EOS.IO Software is used in several business use cases and contexts where blockchain qualities are of essence. Tokenization of assets, identity management and transparent competitive biddings for the procurement of products or services, are just some of the examples where EOS.IO is applicable in our design.

Are there any indicative use cases?

Yes, there are several contexts in which our proposal is applicable. You may find in our White Paper some characteristic use cases regarding the Real Estate and Hospitality sector or the Charity ones, which among others consist of the proposed Minimum Viable Product of our solution.   

About the company

How can I support EOS Athens?

If you like our work and you want to help us continue what we do, vote for us or donate EOS tokens to our official eosathenscom account.

Where is the company based?

EOS Athens is proudly based and taxed in Athens, Greece. We aim at the development of a groundbreaking fintech solution that will not only have global radius and impact as already suggested, but will also contribute to the support of the local economy, solving real-life problems.

How is the company planning to create revenue?

EOS Athens is mainly focusing on the development of the proposed project, from which revenues are expected via the provision of on-the-chain services, as these are defined and supported by the underlying business.

How can I reach EOS Athens?

For EOS Athens news, you may subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on the social media. For specific requests, you may contact us through our contact form or on social media.

Vote || Donate

If you like our work and you want to support our efforts, don't forget to vote for us or donate EOS to our official account eosathenscom

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