The ATHX Project


The ATHX project is a comprehensive and configurable end-to-end Blockchain-as-a-Service solution, finding application in countless business or personal modern digital activities. Our holistic Information Systems approach enables a purposeful and evaluation-driven system design, that can address the needs of various stakeholders in multiple business use cases. The IS Artifact perspective adopted for the proposed solution, is driving the design and the requirements elicitation process in three core IS dimensions supported by three interconnected IT constructs as briefly presented below. Download our White Paper to find out more details about our project.

The IS Artifact

Information Artifact

It consists of the information instances required for a modern IT-driven business. We conduct a thorough analysis on developing a purposeful and business oriented information framework upon which a flexible business model is built, taking into account numerous types of potential stakeholders and their needs.

Technology Artifact

It reflects the technology and the IT constructs behind the business scenes. Blockchain technology and the EOS.IO Software in particular, is utilized as means of creating a transparent, auditable, performant, secure and flexible solution in several contexts of application framed by the underlying business.

Social Artifact

It captures all those social interrelations and interactions that are required not only for making our solution more engaging and intuitive to our users, but also for driving the business through identifying trends and business opportunities in a large number of sectors where our solution is applicable.

The IT Constructs


Token Exchange

For our solution to work as intended, a token exchange is required, via which assets are traded as these are issued and explicitly defined by the underlying business and supported by our IT constructs. 


This construct is targeting at the creation of a global and universal product and services catalogue, upon which tangible business opportunities can arise through finding buyers, suppliers, partners or collaborators.  

Mobile Application

Our mobile application is envisaged not only as an on-the-go payment channel, but also as the heart of the social aspect of our solution, allowing users to interact with each other whilst indicating for us new business opportunities in various sectors.    

Constructions and Real Estate

Tourism and Hospitality

Consumer Goods and Retail

Government and Public Sector

Charities and Refugee Crisis

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